Om Sri Sai Ram

Sri Rudra Prashna


This Sri Rudram learning text accompanied with audio files was compiled with love for Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba and the Vedas as an offering at His divine lotus feet for the benefit of the devotees who wish to learn Sri Rudram. The basis of this learning text is the Sri Rudram class conducted by the students of Bhagavan in Prasanti Nilayam in the immediate presence of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba. All audio files are copyright of Radio Sai Global Harmony.

For all mistakes, suggestions and feedback please write to vojko AT bhajanavali DOT com.

We are pleased to introduce our new Veda Union project.

European Union has united in political, monetary, as well as other secular areas. Veda Union seeks to unite Europe on spiritual level promoting unity, love and peace among all through teachings of the Vedas and recitation of sacred Vedic hymns.

Text Audio ITRANS
Introduction Sri-Rudram-Learning-Introduction.pdf N/A N/A
Anuvakam 1 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-1.pdf
Anuvakam 2 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-2.pdf
Anuvakam 3 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-3.pdf
Anuvakam 4 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-4.pdf
Anuvakam 5 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-5.pdf
Anuvakam 6 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-6.pdf
Anuvakam 7 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-7.pdf
Anuvakam 8 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-8.pdf
Anuvakam 9 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-9.pdf
Anuvakam 10 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-10.pdf
Anuvakam 11 Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Anuvakam-11.pdf
Supplement Sri-Rudram-Learning-Text-Supplement.pdf
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